WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)


Will you be our Hero?

All veterinarians and nurses who work in vet hospitals with a high emergency and referral caseload know how life-saving blood donations are. Our blood banks are dependent on the empathy of members of the public and our staff who allow us to use their heroic dogs and cats as blood donors.

1 in 3 Australian humans will receive a transfusion during their life and yet only 1 in 30 of us donate. We are hoping to encourage human donations of blood, plasma and platelets over the Christmas season when human blood stocks can run low.

So we are having a competition between WAVES and the other veterinary hospitals in Perth who maintain blood banks (The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University, Perth Vet Specialists and Perth Vet Emergency) to see which hospital can encourage the most donations to the Australian Red Cross from now until the 15th January. Staff, clients and members of the public from all over Australia can join in.

You can help WAVES or your preferred hospital win this competition by providing proof that we have influenced you or your friends to donate blood and if you can’t donate blood then a donation of money to the Australian Red Cross will also count. Proof is via a photo taken of you at the blood bank which can be placed on the relevant hospitals Facebook post, messaged via Facebook or emailed to the vet hospital. Platelet and plasma donors can include each donation time. If you can’t donate blood then a photo showing the date of an Australian Red Cross donation receipt dated between now and the 15th January 2018 also counts. You don’t need to show the donation amount as every bit helps and remember don’t show your address or email on social media.

The restrictions on blood donors have changed over time, so to find out if you are a suitable donor go to: http://www.donateblood.com.au/ and if you want to make a financial donation to the red cross go to: https://www.redcross.org.au/.

Blood is the gift of life! Together we can prove that animal lovers can save human lives also.