WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)


COVID-19 Guidelines

WAVES is dedicated to continuing to providing high quality advanced and specialist care for pets in WA.

So that we can continue to treat patients and avoid a quarantine lock down, we have implemented some new measures to protect our staff and our clients.

WAVES will continue to see all pets who need us, even if their owners may be infectious. We have the necessary training and equipment.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please do not enter the hospital if you are unwell with symptoms of a cold or flu or if you have been advised you need to self-isolate/quarantine.


There is any possibility that you have been exposed to COVID-19


You or the person bringing the pet to WAVES is experiencing symptoms of sore throat, cough, fever, headache or difficulty breathing.

We just want to make sure we can all continue to work and provide this essential service.


When you arrive;

Please call 9412 5700 or use the door intercom to notify us of your arrival. We will ask you a few quick questions and guide you as to what will happen next.

You will be asked to wash your hands using the facilities outside the door, before you will be granted access to the hospital. We ask that only 1 person attends the appointment with your pet.

Please follow staff directions on where to sit and abide by social distancing rules by keeping 1.5m from all persons, at all times.

IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY; we won’t make you wait to wash your hands etc, we will have you pass your pet to a nurse and then ask you to wait outside until we can follow our access procedures. Please bring a mobile phone, so that our vets can talk to you throughout the process.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We understand that it is very stressful not being able to be with your pet at all times, or bring your whole family, however, we are taking these measures to ensure that we can continue to treat the hundreds of very sick and injured patients that need to see us every week. We want to avoid the scenario where we have to shut down whilst all staff are in 14 day isolation lockdown.


Whilst the COVID-19 restrictions are in place, our open visting policy is no longer available. Our staff can send you photos and message to update you regularly on how your pet is going. However, we will allow clients to visit in certain situations, where the Vet deems it appropriate.