WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)

Outpatient Blood Pressure

The medicine service is able to offer a blood pressure monitoring clinic for veterinary practitioners’ own clients.

  • This is a daytime nurse-led clinic
  • It is suitable for cats and dogs with renal failure, cardiac diseases, primary hypertension and endocrine diseases.
  • Practices that do not currently measure blood pressure will find this a particularly useful resource as it will assist the therapy of common diseases which develop hypertension.
  • Blood pressure readings will be obtained by a nurse in a quiet consultation room after a 15 minute rest period in the room, usually with the owner still present.
  • The results will be given to the owner and communicated by phone to the practice.
  • There is no consultation charge but the case does still need to be referred for this service (a short letter/ email will suffice).
  • Results will then be sent directly to the practice in a written report.

Frequency and monitoring:

  • The frequency of monitoring and any adjustments to the medication will remain the responsibility of the referring practice.
  • Although single visits may be arranged, monitoring every 3 months or one week after altering medication, is more likely to be useful.
  • It is not suitable for aggressive animals or those that are stressed as the readings obtained are unlikely to be representative.