Cycads, Sago Palm and Zamia Palm Toxicity

Feb 26, 2022

Cycads, Sago and Zamia palms are commonly found in Perth gardens. The seeds are extremely toxic, however all parts of these palms cause toxicity and can cause liver failure and death in dogs. Clinical signs can include lethargy, depression, decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea which may contain blood, salivation, stomach pain, pale gums, trembling, not walking normally and seizures (fits). Liver damage commonly occurs and can result in life threatening low blood glucose and bleeding disorders, depression and seizures.

Early treatment to remove the seeds and plant material from the gut and absorb toxins can help prevent the development of liver damage and if treated early this may be all that is required. If liver damage is occurring then supportive care including fluid therapy, liver supportive medications and in some situations intravenous glucose, plasma transfusions and blood transfusions may be indicated.

These plants are so highly toxic that we recommend that they are removed from your garden if there is any chance your dog may chew or attempt to eat them.

Please note that Cocos palms (which look like coconut palms) are not toxic to dogs.

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