WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)

About Imaging

WAVES provides a comprehensive diagnostic imaging service for all of our hospital patients as well as an outpatient imaging service for referring veterinarians. Diagnostic Imaging forms the basis of many of the investigations required by our other specialties. Diagnostic imaging involves the use of multiple imaging modalities to helpobtain a diagnosis, determine the extent of disease and monitor disease progression. Services currently provided include digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, echocardiography and computed tomography.

Examples of diagnostic imaging studies performed at WAVES include:

  • Radiology: Thoracic radiographs, hip dysplasia radiographs, contrast studies including myelograms and advanced radiographic views. Additionally digital or hardcopy radiographs can be sent to WAVES for radiographic reporting.
  • Fluoroscopy: for dysphagia or oesophageal disorders and non invasive tracheal / bronchial collapse assessment.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound: Echocardiography, non-cardiac thoracic pathology, abdominal examinations, musculoskeletal imaging (for conditions such asbicipital tenosynovitis), ultrasound guided biopsies and fine needle aspirates
  • Computed tomography: Nasal and cranium disease, thorax for defining masses, neoplasia, vascular ring anomalies, pulmonary pathology, pleural effusions and pneumothorax. Abdomen for advanced contrast imaging techniques such as localizing portosystemic shunts and ectopic ureters. Musculoskeletal imaging for trauma assessment, elbow dysplasia assessment and spinal pathology.

The WAVES outpatient imaging service allows the veterinarian to gain access to advanced imaging modalities to facilitate a diagnosis and direct treatment options whilst still retaining control of the patient. Animals can be referred directly to the diagnostic imaging service on an appointment basis. Comprehensive reports including annotated images are e-mailed to the referring vet within 24 hours. The WAVES outpatient imaging service is for clinically stable patients only. All our equipment is digitalised allowing optimal visibility of pathology as well as being able to store all our images centrally on a PACS (picture archiving system). CT and radiographic referrals have their images returned to the referring vet on a CD with its own interpretation program.

Our service provides high quality, compassionate clinical care to patients through the use of medical imaging technology.