WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)

About Emergency

The emergency and critical care service is staffed by both specialist and non-specialist veterinarians with experience in dealing with animals with severe life-threatening problems. The specialist criticalists work every day with the emergency and critical care cases and are always available for advice on cases for both the emergency veterinarians and local veterinarians. The service is open and accepts emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We deal with a whole range of problems including poisonings, snake bite, trauma, blood loss and fractures, motor vehicle accidents, wounds, bites and bruises, infections such as parvovirus, anaphylaxis, vomiting, diarrhoea, pain, collapse, paralysis and coma. The emergency service operates on a triage basis. When you first come into the hospital, your pet will be evaluated to determine how severe his/her problem is. This means that if your pet has a severe life-threatening problem, he/she will not be made to wait until everyone else has been attended to. If your pet needs immediate attention, we will provide the required care immediately.

Veterinarians will examine your patient and discuss with you treatment and if required further diagnostic tests.

Using a combination of diagnostic equipment like ultrasound and x-rays in addition to an in-house laboratory that can process blood tests within 10minutes, we are able to provide rapid, effective and care of the highest quality available to every animal that presents to us.

Many cases presenting for emergency consultation are treated as outpatients. However cases admitted to the emergency service are discharged home or to their regular veterinarian or may be transferred into the care of another specialist after discussion with their owner and local veterinarian.

If you think your pet has a problem, call us on 9412 5700 for advice. Alternatively, during normal working hours, you can contact your veterinarian for advice.