WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)

Outpatient ECG clinic

The medicine service is able to offer an ECG clinic for veterinary practitioners who do not have access to this modality in their practice. This service is intended to assist practitioners with the workup of dogs or cats with suspected cardiac disease or an arrhythmia by providing access to the benefits of an ECG, while simultaneously allowing practitioners to manage their own cases independently. There is no medicine consultation involved in this service or advice on treatment provided. Cases requiring prior stabilisation should be referred according to normal procedures.

What is involved?

  • This is a day time nurse-led clinic
  • An ECG trace will be obtained by a nurse in a quiet consultation room after a short rest period in the room, usually with the owner still present.
  • A copy of a segment of the ECG trace along with ECG measurements and interpretation of the ECG findings will then be sent directly to the practice in a written report within one working day.
  • There is no initial consultation charge but the case, does still need to be referred for this service (either by the use of the referral form or a short letter/ email).
  • Advice on the management of any findings can be provided if requested at the time of referral. A consultation charge will apply if you wish us to discuss treatment or implications of the ECG findings with the owner.

What patients are suited to this service?

  • Cats and dogs with suspected cardiac diseases or a suspected arrhythmia
  • This is not a suitable service for patients that are suspected of having a significant arrhythmia and are experiencing severe clinical signs associated with this (e.g. are collapsed). Referral for a full consultation is indicated in these instances as some form of urgent treatment may be required.