WA Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (WAVES)

Ear Infections

Management of acute, chronic and complicated ear infections

Ear infections in dogs and cats occur most commonly secondary to a foreign body (e.g. grass seed) or allergy and less likely to a polyp or tumor. Chronic and complicated ear infections can extend to the middle and inner ears. Dogs and cats with inner ear disease often present with nauseousness, inappetance, loss of balance and head tilt. These more severe ear infections often involve antibiotic resistant bacterial organisms.

We are equipped with the latest video-otoscope that allows clear visualisation of the ear canals. This  would enable us to perform the following procedures:

·         removal of any deep seated foreign body and assess the ear drum for any perforation

·         flushing of the ear canals to remove pus and other debris

·         collection of fluid from the middle ear for diagnostic testing

·         biopsy of mass for tissue analysis


We will share images and videos taken using the video-otoscope with you to enable you to better understand the pathogenesis of ear infections.

If we suspect your pet may have middle or inner ear disease, we can organise for advanced imaging using computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate these structures.

We also have extensive experience in formulating a treatment plan for your pet with multidrug resistant bacterial ear infections.

The video-otoscope allows excellent visualisation and flushing of the ear canals

Pus in ear canal

Before ear flush showing build up of infected ceruminous material

After ear flush to remove the ceruminous material